Bostanci Luna Park

  • Friday 13th 2012

This was our second stop of the day. After we got off at the Bostanci railway station, a ten-minute walk northeast got us to the park. This is a medium size park with a mixed selection of rides to keep the whole family happy.

Sign above the park entrance.

A poster displaying different eras in the park life.

The twister coaster is the first ride to be seen when approaching the park from the station. 

The park is surrounded by blocks of residential flats.

Spin ride fans will not be disappointed here either.

Twister Coaster is a Zamperla Twister Coaster 420STD model.
The coaster opened around 2008 or earlier.

Nice coaster with a fair bit of spinning.

Mouse themed Coaster car.

Dark ride

Some other attractions in the park.

Across from Bostanci Luna Park are some international fast food restaurants. The unanimous decision was to have lunch in the Pizza Hut restaurant.

A view from the restaurant looking back at the park.

Pizza and roller just can't go wrong!

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