VIA/Crazy Park

  • Friday 13th April 2012

The third and final stop of the day was this park, adjacent to the splendid Via Port shopping outlets. Getting here is fairly easy. The outlet center provides a free shuttle bus from just outside the Bostanci ferry pier. At the time of my visit, the shuttle ran every hour on the hour. Get there slightly early, as the bus can get full fairly quickly, especially at peak times. The bus takes about 45 minutes to reach the shopping outlets. On the return trip, it will drop you at the Bostanci train station.

The park was quiet, so the bigger rides were closed, and some of the smaller rides were on rotation. (Keep this in mind when visiting.) The park is small but spotlessly clean. It operates on a token system.

Entrance to VIA/Crazy Park

A boat themed play area for little ones.

The Spinning coaster.

Spinning Brucomela from DAL Amusement Rides Company, operating from 2011.

  Although I’ve ridden many wacky worms, this was the first time I’ve encountered a spinning version.

Only two spinning wacky worms are built. A Dutch showman is operating the other one on the fair circuit.

Ride control box.

Brakes to stop the car spinning.

A few other rides at the park.

The second coaster is the Dragon Coaster, also from the DAL Amusement Rides Company.

A few more rides in this park.

Via port is a beautiful outlet centre.

Overview shots of the park from the roof of the shopping complex.

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