• Wednesday 11th April 2012

After a whole day of sightseeing, the coaster enthusiast within me decided it's best to finish our first day in Istanbul with a visit to Atlantis, a FEC located inside Europe's largest shopping mall. Cevahir mall is connected to the Sisli metro station, on line M2.

 The prospect of getting a coaster credit before the day was over was far too big a carrot dangled in front of me to turn down. Although it sounded like a good idea at that time, in hindsight it was not a great decision mainly due to two points. Firstly Cevahir mall is located in the business district of Istanbul, a considerable distance from the historical centre (Sultanahmet) of Istanbul." Travelling to the mall in rush hour, on public transport; from Sultanahmet is not a pleasant experience and should be avoided if possible. Second, "if you have a shopaholic in the group giving them a couple hours to shop in Europe's largest mall before the mall closes for the day may not be the ideal thing to do if one wants to maintain harmony in the camp.

On our way to Atlantis.

The tram heading towards Galata bridge.

Approaching Cevahir Mall.

Europe's biggest shopping mall, Cevahir Mall.

Security check before entering
 the mall.

Entrance to Atlantis.

I rode the tower ride first. The restraints on the tower ride weren't locked, so i flagged it to the ride operator, who had a quick look at it and walked off. I assumed he would go to the console to reset the locks, but to my shock he started the ride. I'm not one of those who would have been too worried, but the incident at Hopi Hari was still very fresh, making my heart beat quadruple during the ride. To make matters worse, the ride circle on the drop & bounce tower went on for ages.

Saying that I was mighty relieved to be able to walk off the ride safely—the prospect of me hurriedly flapping my arms trying to perfect my flying technique, then crash landing after the failed attempt—may have provided a few moments of amusement for the good people of Istanbul out on their routine shopping trips, but it wasn’t exactly what I’d had in mind when I accompanied a young member of my family onto the ride.

First glimpse of Cilgin Kopekbaligi

A spin ride placed within the coaster boundaries.

The coaster looks fabulous but honestly speaking this Shark Coaster (MX53) from SBF Visa Group is BORING. This is the coaster i was most looking forward to riding but it became the biggest disappointment of the trip. The park had enough space to make a more thrilling and entertaining ride. The pillars and other obstacle could have been used more effectively.

The coaster lift hill.

Coaster station.

The ride entrance sign.

You'll need six credit to ride the coaster.

Coaster controls .

Octopus spin ride.

This really messed up my childhood memories.

The Scooby Doo swings.

Other rides at Atlantis.

  I’m not one who likes to criticize, but this is, honestly, just another boring ride in an average park.

    Some random shops in Europe's largest shopping  mall.

    Although being closed down in England many years ago C&A is alive and kicking in Turkey.

    A children's ride in another section of the mall.

    We took the funicular to get back to the hotel.

    The funicular is made by Doppelmayr the good folks who made the now defunct coaster,  Vertigo @ Walibi Belgium.  

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