Bayrampaşa City Park

  • Thursday 12th April 2012

Our second day in Istanbul started with a visit to Bayrampaşa City Park, a tiny amusement park in the Bayrampaşa district of Istanbul. The easiest way to the park on public transport is to get to Kartaltepe Kocatepe metro stop on line M1. From the station the park is a mere fifteen minute walk heading north or a short taxi ride away. Kartaltepe Kocatepe metro stop is also the gateway to the magnificent Forum Shopping Mall.

On our way to Bayrampaşa City Park.

The Ferris wheel can be seen from the distance.

Park entrance

An SBF Visa Group, Take Off (041) model coaster.
This coaster replaces a wacky worm coaster that was in the same location.

Other rides in this small park.

A nice looking train ride. Wonder how many noticed Mickey on the roof?

  The Ferris wheel was centrally placed, resulting in great aerial shots.

First time i've seen a 7D cinema. Wasn't open so can't tell you what the other three dimensions do!

Looking back at the entrance from the Ferris wheel.

Forum Mall is one of the finer malls in Istanbul. The non enthusiast members in the group decided to stay here and do some shopping rather then go out and explore the parks with us. The mall is also home to a rather nice aquarium. We decided to miss this aquarium in favour of a larger one scheduled later on in the trip.

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