Star Park

  • Saturday 14th 2012

Star Park is an Family Entertainment centre within Torium Shopping Mall in greater Istanbul
Star Park had not been recorded by RCDB at the time of my visit. I only found out about this FEC while researching the trip. I wasn’t sure whether to go or not, since it had been raining all day. In the end, the inner  credit whore  enthusiast won on this basis: No matter how hard it rains, it’s extremely difficult to get wet inside a mall. How wrong could I be?

Getting to the mall is fairly straightforward. You take the tram to Zeytinburnu, transfer to the Metrobus heading east, and make your way to the last stop, Avcilar. From there, the mall is a few minutes’ taxi ride away. What I didn’t anticipate is that getting a taxi in Istanbul during rush hour when it’s raining is not easy. Every Tom, Rahim and Harry wants one too. I had to wait half an hour, and even then I had to share a cab due to the sheer number of people waiting in line for one. And it does not help in the slightest when, during the wait for the taxi, it begins to rain the heaviest it had all day. To top things off nicely, there wasn’t any form of shelter at all, were one can huddle under to stay dry.

Fairly new Torium Shopping Mall.

A nice modern shopping Mall.

The mall also had an indoor snowpark. These indoor snow parks are getting very popular lately.

Star Park entrance.

Freefall tower just outside the FEC's entrance. After the last one i rode at Atlantis i thought it was wise to give this one a miss :-D

 Shark Coaster is just to the right as you enter the FEC.

Shark coaster is a SBF Visa Group, Double Coaster (MX605)

Some other rides in the FEC.

The second coaster is located at the back of the centre. It’s an SBF-Visa Group Air Coaster model called (guess what?) Air Coaster.

A decent Haunted house attraction.

A few spin rides.

Taxi Coaster, also by SBF-Visa Group, is the third coaster in the FEC. It resides next to the Air Coaster. Adults are only allowed to ride the Speedy Coaster model (MX600) if they have a child with them.

Some other attractions.

Overall i was impressed with this shopping mall park.  

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