Spice Bazaar

  • Tuesday 17th April 2012

Spice Bazaar (also called Egyptian Bazaar) can be classed as a mini version of the Grand Bazaar. In my opinion, the main difference between the two, apart from the size, was that the volatile nature of the vendors at the Grand Bazaar was not present here. The shopkeepers at the Spice Bazaar had a friendlier approach in dealing with the customers. Their prices, also, were not as hugely overinflated as they were in the Grand Bazaar. Most shops were true to the bazaar’s name and sold spices and dried fruits, but you will also find the odd shop selling other products. I enjoyed my time here and would recommend that you visit the Spice Bazaar. Just don’t go there on a full stomach! You’ll be offered loads of different Turkish Delight and dried fruits to try. You have been warned. :-)

The entrance to the Spice Bazaar.

Spice Bazaar sign

Some of the shops.

Belly dancing costumes sold here.


More spices

Dry fruits

Colourful display of different size plates and other fancy products.

Light holders and spices.

Turkish delight

T shirt and souvenir store.

More shops selling different spices and Turkish delight.

Getting busier as we were leaving.

Miniature Dolls

We exited from the Eminönü side.

Spice Bazaar building.

Yeni Mosque.

Galata Tower

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