Galata Tower

  • Tuesday 17th April 2012

Galata Tower is in the Galata district of Istanbul, just north of the Golden Horn.
This medieval stone tower was built in 1348 and offers a splendid 360º panoramic view of old Istanbul. There is a steep incline as you approach the tower from the Galata bridge. The nearest tram stop is Karaköy on line T1. From the tram stop the tower is 10 to15 minutes walk, depending how fast one navigates the uphill walk to the tower. Taxis provide the easier option of being driven to the tower entrance.

Galata Tower seen from Galata bridge.

That's the plan, getting to the viewing deck.

On our way to the tower we went through an underpass filled with shops.

Locals fishing on Galata bridge.

The local fish market.

We passed a small coffee shop. No customer, but at least it gave the cat the chance to enjoy a mid morning nap.

Approaching the Tower.

Tower entrance.

Lifts to take us to the top.

Lifts take you to the seventh floor.

From the seventh floor you have to take two flights of steps to the viewing area.

View from the top.

One of the rooftop restaurants.

Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque in the background.

Blue mosque with all of its six minarets in view.

Haghia Sophia

A random guy reading a book on the rooftop.

If you're the owner of this building, you might consider some repairs to your roof area.

Vodafone sponsored artwork on a building.

More aerial shots.

Next to the light blue top building under the bridge is the park we'll be visiting soon.

Restaurant at the top. I deliberately included the menu in the photo so you can see whats on offer and how cheap/expensive it is.

Some of the food that is on the menu.

Walking back down the two flight of steps.

Tower merchandise shop.

Finish off with my favourite photo of Galata bridge and the surrounding area.

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