Feshane Luna Park

  • Tuesday 17th April 2012

Our last park of the trip, Feshane Luna Park, is on the southern shores of the Golden Horn. This mid- size luna park has a fair selection of rides to keep the whole family happy. It is in need of some general tidying up and some organisation. During my visit the park was empty, but to be fair, i did visit in the early afternoon on a week day. Feshane Luna Park is away from the train/tram network, so to get to the park, one has to catch a ferry from Eminönü to Ayvansaray or  Eyüp and walk a few minutes north from Ayvansaray or South from Eyüp. Even easier would be to take a taxi to the park-the option we used due to time restrictions.

Entrance to Feshane Luna Park.

A sign in the park. Was this an old name for the park?

Swing boat ride.


Rockin Tug

Tower ride

Other rides in the park

Frog hopper

The reason for coming here......Bruco, a Levent Lunapark's Brucomela model coaster.

The coaster needs a push to get going.

Kid enjoying the ice cream while riding the coaster.

Controls for all you nerds out there.

Who spotted the baby on lap?

Kid still eating ice cream, baby in lap and lap bars open in empty seats.....Far more relaxed rules than other countries’ amusement parks.

Yes it's a Levent model.

Some more rides in the park.

The park operates a ride token system.

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