Istanbul Akvaryum

  • Sunday 14th April

Istanbul aquarium is one of the better aquariums i've visited. Near Ataturk Airport and away from the popular historic centre of Istanbul, it lacks the influx of tourist visitors it deserves. Still, this doesn’t stop the locals, who come out in great numbers to enjoy this great attraction. This newly built aquarium is well designed, with trails leading through 16 different themed areas, including  Black Sea, Istanbul Strait, Red Sea, Straits of Gibraltar, East Atlantic (Liberty, the sunken ship), Pacific Ocean, Amazon and more. There are a couple of break points along the route between the themed areas where you can relax and enjoy a drink or a snack before continuing on your underwater adventure. The aquarium is a great addition to the ever-growing list of attractions the city has to offer.

To get to the aquarium, you need to take the the Suburban train from Sirkeci railway Station to Florya station.  As the train passes Yeşilkoy Station, which is one stop before Florya, keep an eye out toward the sea and you’ll see the aquarium go by. From Florya Station, it’s a 20-minute walk back.

A new shopping mall is being built next to the Aquarium.

How it will look when finished.

Men working on the roof of the new shopping mall.

We made it to the Istanbul Akvaryum .

Ticket counter and entrance to the 5D cinema which we didn't try.

Heading towards the beginning of the underwater journey.

First exhibition as you enter.

Walk through the large boat to the next segment of the journey through the aquarium.

One passes many stunning fish displays.

Bazaar themed area.

Seating in front of a large fish display

The Dardanelles section next.

 Before you coaster whores roller coaster enthusiasts get excited…No! There are no wooden coasters here. 

I was impressed with the overall design of the aquarium. All the enclosures were thoughtfully done, keeping the viewing public—and more importantly, the sea life—always in mind.

 There is a net separating the one fish on the right from the others. That’s because this fish is pregnant and was ready to give birth at any moment. We didn’t hang around to watch this fish’s species increase in numbers.

There is an outdoor sea view section at midway point.

Good view too.

The journey continues.

Touchscreens in both Turkish and English give plenty information about the sea life your viewing.

A large viewing tank was popular with the little ones.

Stunning blue fish.

The Antarctica themed section.

You get to see a polar bear too.

All fish enclosures are nicely done.

The Straits of Gibraltar segament.

Flash photography was not allowed.

 The next station had an abandoned-ship theme.

Under water tunnel.

Some mean looking fish models hanging from the ceiling.

A hungry shark attacking smaller fish.

Large crowd gathered here but what were they watching?

Ah! they were watching men in a large fish tank and here i assumed they paid to watch fish and other sea life.

One of the break points.
A perfect opportunity to sell chocolate smothered fruit......yummy!

Coffee and ice cream too.

My favourite section next.....the Amazon section!


This area has heating to give the full Amazon affect.

Fish enclosures in a well themed forested display

Dangerous Piranhas.

Photo opportunity here.

To take the last few Turkish Lira from you, a large exquisite gift shop.

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